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5 Tips to Practice Good Public Hygiene

It would seem that public hygiene protocol is not something easily forgotten since it is a standard taught since kindergarten, underscored in middle school, and essential to get your college diploma. Yet there are times, more often…
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Plus Size Modelling & Successful Challenges in Fashion Industry

The plus size modeling industry is the quickest developing segment of the modeling business. There has been a high intake of plus size models to agencies to promote plus size clothes even though most companies are hiring slim-size…

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3 Mistakes to Avoid as a Healthcare Provider

Delivering your patients with the highest level of care is what sets you apart as a healthcare provider – but your dedication certainly does not mean that you are immune to making mistakes. Unfortunately, mistakes made by physicians and nurses can prove costly not only…

Common Myths You May Have Heard About Lean Manufacturing

If you’re in the manufacturing business, you’ve probably heard about lean manufacturing, but what is it exactly? Most people in the business would say that they have a good idea of what it involves, but the truth is that there are plenty of misconceptions and myths about…
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Five Steps to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Winters are becoming increasingly unpredictable. You may end up with a massive cold front and snow storm one week, and then it’s all melting the next, only to then freeze again and coat everything in dangerous black ice. You cannot personally control the weather, but you…

Basic Business Property Maintenance

Business is all about cutting costs. Therefore, keeping property costs low shouldn’t be an afterthought to other budget-saving activities. Property maintenance is important whether you own or rent a property and keeping high standards in the short term will lead to fewer…

How to Make Money from Your Car

Cars are expensive. Even those with a relatively small upfront cost come with ongoing expenses such as insurance, fuel, tax and maintenance. But, many of us don’t feel as though we have much choice. Owning a car makes your commute to work easier, gives you more…
Home & Decor

3 Easy Art Projects to Do at Home

It’s always fun to get creative. No matter how skilled or talented you may be, it’s rewarding just spending the time to try and create something. With that being said, arts and crafts is not for everybody, and it may be a bit demoralizing struggling with certain…
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